Masunaga: One of the best sunglasses to buy

Masunaga Best Sunglasses to buy in Japan

This is Japan’s oldest eye-wear factory and believed to be one of the best in the world

As far as eye-wear in the world is concerned, there are three geographical areas that compete for the scepter of being the world’s largest producers: there is China, Italy and Fukui.

If the first two are, of course, nations, the third is an area of Japan. In detail, Fukui is a prefecture located in the region of Chubu on the island of Honshū. Here, 97% of all optical frames manufactured in Japan are produced and sold around the world.

Fukui is also home to the oldest eye-wear factory in the country: Masunaga Optical.

Masunaga Optical is a company founded in 1905 by Gozaemon Masunaga who, at the time, decided to bring experienced craftsmen from Osaka and Tokyo to Fukui with the ambition of establishing a major optical industry. Seeing how history has evolved, you can say that he has definitely succeeded.

Masunaga is, in fact, the only company in Japan that can boast a factory that deals with all the manual processes that lead to the creation of an optical frame. From raw materials to production, everything is done “in house”. And it is done in the best possible way.

When, for example, a new prescription eye-wear model is developed, the molds are always made by them at Masunaga Optical. If there should even be a problem in comfort, which can only be felt after completing a pair of glasses, it will be corrected immediately in-house.

An approach to work that manages to merge, in the best possible way, industrial production and great refinement made of passion and craftsmanship.

Masunaga is also the only company in the world that brushes the acetate of the frames through the use of clay, this technique makes the surfaces of the glasses smooth and velvety to the touch.

The collection offers glasses with a vintage design finely worked by hand. The frames are produced using the best sheets and beta-titanium, allowing the glasses to have charm and lightness. A range capable of satisfying numerous types of sunglasses and eyeglasses frames: from square to rounded, from Butterfly to Cats Eye models.

Each model has specific features, colors, design and a well-defined personality.

The Masunaga brand is original and suitable for everyone. To find out more we recommend to read about them in their web-page, we are sure that seeing them you will realize the uniqueness of the Japanese brand.

Quality, quality, quality, only quality

Masunaga therefore had one goal: to produce the best eye-wear possible. Over the decades, the company has used the best materials to create men’s sunglasses that were cutting edge, but most importantly they had to be of the highest quality and provide unbeatable performance.

This was achieved by working with the most experienced craftsmen in Osaka and Tokyo for an amazing collection. Today, Masunaga men’s sunglasses are as stylish, directional and comfortable as ever. Titanium and acetate frames ensure the highest quality and durability, while retro-style round frames and tinted lenses lend a bold, modern aesthetic that’s perfect for every style and occasion.

The Masunaga men’s sunglasses collection pays homage to classic and timeless design. Meticulous craftsmanship is evident in the countless steps of the manufacturing process.

Masunaga is in no hurry.

No shortcuts, no compromises are made in the creation of each model that features beautifully hand-polished Japanese acetate, high quality pure titanium, durable seven-cylinder hinges and distinctive silver rivets.

There are more than 200 manual work steps involved in creating Masunaga eye-wear

And in each one of them is housed the knowledge of the best Japanese craftsmen who, since 1905, have been making the frames of what is now the oldest eye-wear factory in Japan, once at the service of the imperial family.

Every Masunaga piece is a moment of history: the story of a production process that is unique in terms of technology and innovation. The web of artisans take care of everything (designs, prints, finishes) and refine the models with a special technique: Masunaga, in fact, is the only eye-wear company in the world that brushes acetate with a clay mixture capable of giving the frames a smooth, with a special feeling.

The founder, Gazaemon Masunaga, selected the best Japanese artisans from the very beginning with the aim of becoming a true center of excellence in designer eye-wear. Today, his philosophy lives on in his factory in Fukui, which has become one of the top 3 regions in the world for sunglasses and eyeglasses production.

His vintage and timeless designs are still handcrafted, in a long production process that Masunaga has managed to internalize in its entirety, from the choice of raw materials to the finishes. A quality control that oversees every phase and that has made Masunaga a cornerstone of the business optical industry, both Japanese and worldwide.

If you look only for the best quality, you do not like funny sunglasses and you love the classical design, Masunaga is the best glasses you can ever select. Their history is based on this fundamental principle and they are followed even today without any kind of revolution in their business.

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  1. I agree, Masunaga a standout among other glasses manufacturer.

    What makes them the best is its weighty limits and its components, so this has an advantage in this critical angle.

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