Famous Eyewear: Demi Moore

demi moore

Demi Moore is an American actress and film producer, known to the general public for her performances in “Ghost”, “Code of Honor”, “Indecent Proposal” and the unforgettable film of “Private Jane”.

Demi is also known for her past marriage to another Hollywood star, Bruce Willis, with whom she is also a business partner, being co-founders of the renowned international restaurant chain Planet Hollywood.

Demi Moore: Features

Moore is undoubtedly a great admirer of eyeglasses, which she loves to wear even on the most mundane occasions, as well as in everyday life, showing off a typically vintage look for years.

The actress prefers, in fact, rounded models, with a unisex cut and a vaguely retro taste.

This type of frame is particularly suitable for those who have a square face as they can soften the features, giving harmony to the whole.

Dsquared2 eyeglasses certainly represent Demi’s tastes, who, in the past, has chosen them to complete her most glamorous outfits.

Dsquared2 embodies a mix of originality and Italian sartorial art that results in the creation of sexy, transgressive and extravagant Eyewear frames, with a special focus on details and attention to the use of materials: metal and acetate alternate and blend.

These eyewear models re-launch, fifty years later, the favorite eyeglasses of pin-ups and great actresses of the past.

Demi Moore: Style Advice

Today, as then, it’s not only short-sighted people who want to show off this type of eyeglasses, which have come back into fashion in recent years, and are a must-have even for those who do not need corrective lenses.

For these vintage glasses, Demi chooses to match them with an exquisitely retro daytime look, but at the same time casual and informal, consisting of men’s pants that are wide on the ankle and pumps in Tiffany color. Glamour and charm assured!

Demi Moore: Why choose her Style?

Young students, serious secretaries and career professionals: this is the outfit for you!

Demi Moore in fact perfectly embodies the ideal of chic woman who manages to balance her sexy side by adopting looks that do not sacrifice her femininity.

Whether out of necessity or vanity, the only must is to have this eyeglass model and be inspired by the beautiful Demi and her inimitable style.

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