Famous Eyewear: Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid

Born to a Palestinian father and a mother of Dutch origin, with exotic features combined with a statuesque physique that expresses all the glaciality of Northern Europe: this and much more is Gigi Hadid.

Gigi, 21 years old from California, has become in a short time one of the most beautiful and desirable models in the world and in recent months has also imposed itself as a true style icon in international showbiz. Sportswoman, lover of healthy food, social addict and in 2015 also Victoria Secret’s angel, Gigi has an impressive resume, which includes international fashion shows and important cameos in some music videos.

Her career has not always been all sunshine and rainbows, as initially she was considered “too fat” by insiders, but later she managed to convince stylists and designers around the world, becoming today the muse of famous brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Versace.

Gigi Hadid: new face of Versace

Just the new campaign of Versace Eyewear is focused on the charisma and beauty of Gigi who, for the occasion, wears the new pair of Greca Stars sunglasses of the brand, embellished with refined Swarovski crystals

The “Greca Stars” embody the beauty, strength and power of the Versace brand thanks to their unique identity, being characterized by some crystal decorations that cover the frame, giving it class and contemporaneity.

Prestigious lifestyle and fashion brand, symbol of Italian luxury in the world, Versace is dedicated to those who want a contemporary style, sexy, sophisticated and with a strong personality and it is also for this reason that the model Gigi Hadid was the best current interpreter of this mood.

Gigi Hadid: Style Advice

Gigi’s outfits are imitated, not only when it comes to red carpet dresses. Above all, it is her daily look that sets the trend: sneakers, leggings and many other unique details that really make the difference.

Gigi prefers for her outfits “sporty-chic” outfits, following a very precise street style, characterized by ultra-light sneakers, in black and white, or colorful sneakers.

Other items that are never missing in her well-stocked wardrobe are: boat-neck or high-neck tops that strategically leave the belly exposed and a mid-season black or olive green jacket. To complete the ensemble, a natural beauty look with hair pulled back into a ponytail: for the Californian model, simplicity certainly wins out on the catwalks.

10 Tips for Making the Best Use of Eyeglasses

Living with glasses and, more generally, with one’s own sight defects is often not easy. Until recently, they were considered a mere object of visual correction and only in recent years have they even become a fashion.

There are, in fact, those who wear them even though they do not need them. But what about those who wear them out of necessity?

Here are 10 tricks that those who wear glasses should know very well or put into practice as soon as possible.

Choose the right mirror

According to some popular beliefs, breaking a mirror means at least 7 years of bad luck. Before you make a mess because of your vision problems, you should know that there are mirrors on the market that are able to focus on objects, just as a pair of glasses would do.

A good help especially for girls: make up with precision will no longer be a problem.

Allergies and eye irritations

Did you know that allergies and redness can also be transmitted by dirty glasses and lenses?

Keeping your lenses clean and using a neutral, non-oily soap to clean your glasses, as well as rinsing with running water are just some of the many good habits to adopt if you want to avoid redness and irritation.

Descending glasses

A gesture repeated dozens of times a day: putting back in place the glasses that go down the nose. The problem, however, can be solved by better adjusting the nose bridge and, in the case of metal frames, by tightening the curve of the final part of the arms, located behind the ears. The latest findings on the market, on the other hand, make it possible to remedy the problem by using a special wax that can be spread on the nose bridge before wearing the frame.

Lens cleaning

The best choice for cleaning the lenses of eyeglasses (both prescription and sunglasses) is a micro-fiber cloth, which removes grease and moisture without scratching: to be clear, it is the one you find in the case when you buy them. Of course, even this cloth should be cleaned from time to time: wash it by hand with warm water and mild soap. For more advice, we recommend reading our previous article, dedicated to this topic.

Eyewear Care and Hygiene

In addition to the lenses, when washing eyeglasses it is a good idea to pay particular attention to cleaning the arms and nose pads, which are complicit in collecting dead skin and bacterial colonies. Some micro-organisms, in fact, can spread by air to come into contact with the cornea.

Under the shower

In the shower, observing the world around you is certainly more problematic for those with visual impairments and, for example, shampoo and shower gel bottles are not always easy to distinguish. A little trick to get around this problem is to put a rubber band around one bottle, two around another and so on.


Lost your glasses and blind as a bat? Do not worry! While you are waiting to find them, you can use the camera on your smartphone to frame your surroundings and observe them better through the screen. A little life-saving advice, no doubt about it!


Another way for nearsighted people to see something far in the distance is to close their index finger by forming a tiny slit between their phalanges, through which they channel light from different distances, allowing them to better focus on distant objects.

Moisten your eyes

Blinking is very important for those who spend most of the day in front of the computer, as it prevents dryness and irritation of the eyes. It seems a paradox, but those who work at computers blink less often and many times the eye is only partially closed. Therefore, to reduce the risk of excessive dryness of the eye, try this exercise: every 20 minutes blink 10 times very slowly, as if you were about to fall asleep.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

A final tip for taking perfect care of your glasses is to have them cleaned every 6 months by ultrasonic immersion. This is a very effective intensive cleaning process that only an experienced optician can perform.

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