Famous Eyewear: Madonna

madonna singer

Madonna, better known as “The Queen of Pop”, is one of the most versatile and eclectic artists of the international music scene

Always under the magnifying glass, Madonna has also made a show of her private life, never leaving the stage.

Over the years she has in fact changed her skin and look over and over again, going from the naive girl, all lace and lace of the time of “Like a Virgin”, to the cow girl of the early 2000s.

Madonna has always laid down the law in the field of fashion, and it is from this ability that some collaborations with stylists and designers of international renown, one of all that in 2010, which led her to create a line of sunglasses for Dolce & Gabbana.


The features of Madonna’s Dolce & Gabbana Eyewear collection included exclusive materials as well as color variations, from silver to gold. Three models are the most representative of this collection and faithfully follow the tastes and chameleon-like attitudes of the American star:

a model with feminine shapes, inspired by the divas of the 70s, light and functional but at the same time connoted by a strong sensuality;

a metal aviator-style sunglasses characterized by lightness and enormous charm due to the presence of the embossed logo and the richness of the details. Four color variants available: silver, gold, bronze and black;

an acetate model with sinuous shapes, perfect combination of style and comfort. The temples are decorated with the MDG logo in resin and inside two small metal plates engraved with “Dolce & Gabbana” and “Madonna”. Here too we find an exclusive range of colors to draw on: in addition to the classic black and havana, the palette includes the original black/grey, purple/orange, gold/black and silver/red in combination.

Style advice

If you are original women with a strong personality and, at the same time, you love to feel trendy and cool, then D&G Eyewear is for you!

The warm colors typical of the collections of the two designers from Milan, perfectly match the tanned skin characteristic of summer: our style advice is to wear them with a white or light colored dress, for informal occasions such as aperitifs or out with friends.

An unusual chromatic choice, bold, suitable for those who want to stand out and go outside the box.

What is the reason you should choose them

D&G glasses are absolutely unique and original and represent, in fact, the perfect synthesis between refinement and elegance, between particularity and style. A must-have accessory for the year.

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