Famous Eyewear: Woody Allen

woody allen

According to modern astronomers, space is finite. It’s a comforting thought, especially for those who can never remember where they left their glasses. (Woody Allen)

Woody Allen, stage name of Heywood Allen, is an American director, screenwriter and actor, one of the most famous and important humorists of the contemporary era, thanks to an intense film production.

The themes addressed by Allen range from existential crisis to the often self-ironic representation of the New York Jewish community, up to the criticism of modern capitalist society and often reflect the director’s visceral passion for literature, philosophy and especially for his city of origin, the fatal and multifaceted New York.

Another deep love of the director are his eyeglasses, from which he never separates himself, almost as if they were a sort of Linus’ blanket.

Black frames, thick and bulky: the one that has managed to transform Woody Allen into a character in his films and vice versa. An indispensable element, so much so that he couldn’t do without them even while acting in a film such as “Love and War”, a film characterized by an ironically surreal style, in which they represent a decidedly anachronistic element, in a Russia that has just been conquered by Napoleon’s troops.

This type of prescription glasses, a true icon for fans of the vintage genre, represent a timeless and timeless design

Woody Allen: Features

The nerdy look has never been so trendy on the international fashion catwalks: the revenge of the nerds, now more sexy than ever, has finally arrived. The success of eyeglasses with a thick, round plastic frame, strictly black, is extraordinary and is being re-proposed by many fashion houses in variations of shape and color.

Fancy and fun with a bow on the temples, in a cateyes version or with a classic and linear mood: these are just three of the countless proposals that have come from the main fashion shows of recent years.

Woody Allen: Style Advice

History has definitely changed, today it’s the so-called geeks who are dictating the latest trends in eyewear, an increasingly must-have accessory.

Eyewear is sported like a bag or shoes, thanks to the wide choice of models, colors, materials and sizes. It is an accessory that represents the way of being and is fundamental to our look; it must therefore be chosen correctly because it can highlight the characteristics of the face and minimize defects.

The Woody Allen eyeglasses model is suitable for a unisex audience that is full of charm, self-confident and is particularly suitable for those who perform representative work or have a public role within large companies (e.g. commercial agents, pharmaceutical representatives, managers and company directors).

Titanium frame: all the advantages of this material

Oh yes… choosing a new pair of prescription glasses often puts you in crisis. There are, in fact, many aspects to be evaluated such as: quality of the material, shape of the frame, type of lenses etc. …

A real jungle of frames!

A feature to be taken into consideration is the type of frame and, more precisely, the material of which it is composed.

Those who spend most of the day wearing prescription frames will know that an essential element of this accessory is lightness. A heavy prescription eyeglass tends to slip and go off-center, compromising the quality of vision and the well being of our eyes.

It is also for this reason that today we will talk about frames made of the most classic material when it comes to lightness: titanium.

Why choose a titanium frame?

Usually when we talk about titanium we also consider all its different alloys (such as beta titanium), used in the Eyewear world mainly to make the eyewear structure more flexible and lighter, taking advantage of its high quality standards compared to pure titanium.

Frames made of this material also benefit from extraordinary resistance, which is particularly useful in the world of Eyewear to avoid sudden breakage and damage.

Resistance and lightness yes, but only if they are quality titanium frames.

Titanium: characteristics and advantages

The success of this material is certainly to be found in its extreme comfort and practicality. Recently, titanium prescription glasses have been in great demand, as they offer significant advantages over traditional frames, as they meet the needs of consumers with a hectic and dynamic lifestyle.

Let’s see together what are the other characteristics, in addition to lightness, that make titanium unique:

Scratchproof. This peculiarity makes eyeglasses super resistant and therefore very suitable to be worn for everyday tasks. Hypoallergenic. An essential property to avert the risk of allergic reactions from contact on the part of predisposed individuals. A security that we do not have in the case of glasses made of metal or other materials.

Anti-corrosive. A quality that makes it unalterable even by atmospheric agents.

Titanium and Affordability

Often the element that discourages consumers from purchasing a pair of titanium prescription glasses is the price, which is slightly higher than average.

In this case, it really must be said, the game is worth the candle and the advantages of owning a titanium model outweigh its costs. In fact, these glasses are very safe, hypoallergenic, highly comfortable, lightweight and long-lasting.

An investment in the future that does not disappoint!

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