Famous Sunglasses: Kate Moss

kate moss

She is the most famous and controversial model of the nineties and represents one of the faces of the international fashion system. Do you understand who we are talking about? Obviously Kate Moss, a British model with an original and enigmatic beauty, also known for her free and rebellious personality, which has allowed her to indulge her passions rather than the image and the label.

Famous for her trasgressive looks, with a brit-rock and bohemian flavor, she has always been a fashion icon for women all over the world. Muse of the greatest stylists and the most sought-after modern photographers, Kate Moss leaves nothing to chance and takes care of every type of detail, until you get to the Eyewear where she chooses the glamour of Maison Vogue, to complete the best of her looks.

Kate Moss: Vogue Face

A predilection which, in 2011, led to a winning partnership between Vogue Eyewear and the supermodel thanks to the understanding between the Italian brand, with its quality products and captivating design, and one of the ambassadors of contemporary style of the last century: Kate Moss. After Gisele Bündchen and Daria Werbowy, Vogue Eyewear chooses another icon of the fashion world to impersonate and interpret “the Vogue woman” in its advertising campaigns.

The Vogue collections are, as always, very wide-ranging and attentive to the latest trends: classic models are alternated with reinterpretations of the same, such as rectangular frames with the outer tips extended slightly upwards, to move on to “cat-eye” frames and more rounded ones. There is also a wide choice of colors: from red to blue, from aqua green to beige, from tortoiseshell to transparent frames, there is something for everyone.

Kate Moss: Style Advice

The style of Kate Moss is immediately recognizable. Her looks always oscillate between indie and glam, declining all the various inspirations of the rock wardrobe and are a perfect starting point to find ideas and original combinations for Vogue sunglasses or eyeglasses.

Bad girl since ever, also because of her often borderline behaviors, Kate has in fact taken on the proverbial image of the concert girl, with skinny jeans, ripped shirt, leather jacket and amphibians.

Other times, however, she prefers a 70s look, with coats with a wide collar, wedges or boots, as well as wearing sweatshirts and t-shirts with a lot of “irreverent” messages, or simple and slabby pieces of fabric resting on her shoulders.

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