How to draw sunglasses

sunglasses draw

The value of glasses with the modern world

Glasses are becoming a universal thing. They are worn by people of different ages. Not surprisingly, there is an urgent need to pay special attention not only to their quality characteristics, but also to their appearance.

They have different use, visually impaired people use them to better see the world around them. Athletes use them to protect their eyes, the rest wear sunglasses to protect themselves from ultraviolet radiation. Glasses are not only a necessity, but also an indicator of style and prestige.

Fashion dictates what should or should not be done. Business-style clothing often means glasses. People who do not need them are advised to wear transparent glasses without diopters or just frames.

How to design glasses? There is nothing difficult in this, the main thing is to follow the recommendations provided below.

So, consider there are many shapes of sunglasses. We will choose a standard form, not too big, but clean and elegant.

Drawing sunglasses

Prepare a sheet of white paper, a simple pencil, and an eraser.

  • Draw a rectangle, divide it in half with three vertical lines
  • Spend the first line of dots. It is curved: the center goes through the center line. The edges rise slightly above the rectangle
  • Label the nasal arch
  • Draw the bottom of the glasses
  • Following the outline, draw a smooth line, connecting the top and bottom. Create tabs on the sides at the top
  • Get rid of extra lines
  • Now draw the lenses
  • Now you need to add the bow. They should shine through the lenses
  • Aim for black frames and slightly darkened lenses. Some of the visible handles behind the lenses make them less bright than visible

Now you know how to draw your sunglasses with a pencil. As you can see, there is nothing difficult about it.

Draw sunglasses: side view

Now let’s see how to draw side-view sunglasses. To do this, draw the shape of the object, making one side smaller, since the accessory is tilted. The same with the arcs, the arc away from you will be shorter than the one closer to you.

In the next step, paint the arms, frames and lenses more accurately. Now erase the extra lines, if there are any. Draw outlines and darken in the necessary places.

To make the lenses stand out, draw a couple of light strokes on each one, as if they were flashes of light.

Here’s how to draw your sunglasses easily and quickly.

You can also paint sunglasses. In this case, the glass should be dark, leave a highlight on them in the form of a small white dot on the lenses.

Depending on the style of your sunglasses, you can decorate it in different colors, not just black: yellow, red, green and other shades that you like. The size and width of the arms also vary depending on the pattern you choose to draw.

Experiment with eyeglass patterns too, train yourself to represent different instances. And after you practice, it will not be hard for you to draw a person with sunglasses.

You see, drawing sunglasses is fun and interesting.

How to draw your sunglasses with photoshop

Red Sunglasses

Open an image of a model in Photoshop. The face should be turned slightly to the right, but mostly straight. This will help decrease the amount of tweaking that needs to be done to the sunglasses.

1 – Select the pen tool from the left hand toolbar. Draw the outline of a pair of sunglasses, between the legs. Draw the frame in the desired size regarding the lens. They can be big and fashionable or tiny and elegant.

2 – Use the paths tool from the left toolbar. Going around the outline of the sunglasses you drew, click on key points on the outline. Each time you click, you leave a control point. Push and pull the control points with the mouse to make sure the sunglasses’ curves are correct. Press “Control” and “Enter” to confirm your selection.

3 – Using the paint bucket, fill the shape sunglasses with the color. Lower the fill percentage to 85.

4 – Using the pen tool, draw each of the sunglasses lenses on new layers. To create a new layer, press the “Control” key and “N.”

5 – Select the paths tool from the left toolbar and bend the lens selection to be rounded correctly. Press “Control” and “Enter” to make the final selection.

6 – Select the right lens and paste it on the circle frame. Delete the area where the spectacle lens is located by pressing the “Delete” key. Repeat this operation with the left lens.

7 – Right-click and select “Effect” and “Inner Shadow.” Change the inner shadow to 75 percent opacity, -50 for angle, 5 pixels away, no choke, and 13 pixels in size. Click “OK.”

8 – Add a layer style by clicking the icon at the bottom of the Layers palette. Leave the default settings as they are and click “OK”.

9 – Create another layer style by clicking on the icon and click on the overlay pattern box. Select a pattern.

10 – Select the shadow checkbox and change the blend method to multiply. Adjust the angle to 115 degrees and the distance to 12 pixels. Choose an increase ratio of 5 percent and click “OK”.

11 – Create an inner glow layer around and change the blending method to multiply. The distance should be 11 pixels, the choke 25 percent and the size set to 25 pixels. Click “OK”.

How to remove your glasses with photoshop from a photo

Adobe Photoshop is a consumer level graphics program that is used for many different purposes, but mostly for photo editing. People have a tendency to think of the full Photoshop program when they talk about editing photos, but this software has a number of powerful tools for this purpose.

For example, if you have a photo of a person (yourself or someone else) wearing sunglasses and you want to remove this sunglasses for the photo, this process is quickly and professionally accomplished using Photoshop Elements.


1 – Load the image you want to work with onto your computer. You can do this by transferring it from a digital source such as a camera or CD or by scanning if it is printed. However, if you are using a scanner, use a high resolution (at least 600 dpi).

2 – Open Photoshop Elements. Select “File” and click “Open”. In the dialog box that opens, select the uploaded photo and open it.

3 – Select the “Clone Stamp” tool from the toolbar on the left. In the set top options the brush size will be slightly smaller than the width of the frames of your sunglasses.

4 – Hold down the “ALT” key on the keyboard and click the mouse on an area of the face near a section of the sunglasses. Use the mouse to draw on the sunglasses section and elements will use the place you clicked on as a reference to replace it.

5 – Repeat step 4 to replace all sections of your sunglasses. You will probably need to select new reference points as often as you work. You can use the same method to remove reflections on the lenses to make them disappear, too.

6 – Select “File” and click on “Save As”. In the dialog box that opens name the file and save it as a high resolution JPEG.

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