How to Wear Nerd Glasses With Style

nerd glasses

The nerd style is triumphant. And it is nothing new. It’s been a few years since nerd went from being an undesirable stereotype to a real fashion trend.

For us, nerd is a look that we love because the glasses take center stage! You can not get a real nerd look without the right glasses as a complement, but don’t think that only thick black horn-rimmed glasses will do. Nowadays there are plenty of different models that will allow you to get a nerd look with a different and unique touch.

Here are some tips for you to learn how to wear nerd glasses with style

Nerd style glasses don’t necessarily have to be square and have wide, straight temples.

Do not limit yourself to black. Add a touch of color to your nerdy look with colorful rimmed glasses to make it more cheerful.

It’s not all about glitter in this life. Matte frames are trendy and fit perfectly with the nerdy look you are going for.

Nine Tips For Caring For Your Eyes

Sometimes haste, carelessness or laziness lead us to pay less attention to something as important as taking care of our eyes. In this post we give you nine simple tricks to show off a beautiful and healthy look.

Good cleaning is essential

Eye hygiene is essential, especially if you have sensitive skin. Clean them day and night with specific products for sensitive eyes, preferably non-greasy fluid lotions, even if you have not applied makeup. This will help you avoid irritation and allergies.

Remember! It is not enough that you use products for sensitive skin, it is preferable that they are for sensitive eyes.

Stress does not help

Sometimes it is difficult, but try to keep stress under control, especially if you have dark circles under your eyes, tired skin, congested eyes, etc. Your mood is reflected in the contour of your eyes, so take care of your mind to take care of your appearance.

Take care of yourself from the inside

Every day we expose our eyes to external agressions such as cold, sun, pollution or different allergens. Try to counteract these adverse elements with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Correct use of contact lenses

Contact lenses are very practical, but they can cause problems if you don’t use them properly. Remember to always take them out before removing your make-up and before going to bed. In this link you can read our post about five curious facts about contact lenses.

About makeup

You can use makeup, but it does not have to negatively affect your eyes. However, if you have sensitive skin on your eyelids or under-eye circles, it is preferable to choose high-tolerance make-up and avoid getting too close to the tear trough with eyeliner or eyeliner. Don’t forget to remove your make-up thoroughly.

Brushes yes, but clean

If you use makeup brushes, make sure they are clean to avoid transferring dirt to the eye. Also avoid sharing your brushes to prevent possible infections such as styes.

Do not touch even if it itches!

It is important that you try not to touch your eyes too much, especially if you have allergies. Scratching will only irritate them, redden them, mistreat the skin and the itching will only get worse. If you itch because of allergies, use antihistamine drops and always wash your hands before using them.

Even if it is cloudy, the sun is still there

Direct exposure to the sun is harmful not only for the eye itself, but also for its natural protections: tear fluid, eyebrows and eyelashes. Wear sunglasses all year round, whether it is winter or summer. Wear them even if it is cloudy because the sun’s rays will still reach you.

Five Fun Facts About Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are nowadays one of the most practical tools to correct our eyesight. Although many people prefer prescription glasses, contact lenses are especially useful in cases of physical activity such as practicing sports, or even for situations as everyday but uncomfortable to wear glasses as it can be a rainy day.

Contact lenses are part of our daily lives, but there are many things you probably do not know about them. Here is a list of five fun facts about contact lenses:

The first idea was Leonardo Da Vinci’s

Although contact lenses may seem like a relatively recent development, the truth is that Leonardo was already thinking about it in his time. Although he did not have the means to make functional contact lenses at that time, he did make the first observations about vision impairment and came up with a very simple way of modifying vision: opening the eyes under water.

It may be just a concept, but it was the one that led to the later invention of contact lenses.

First material used to manufacture contact lenses was glass

It is attributed to FA Muller, a glassblower who reportedly manufactured the first glass contact lens in 1887. Subsequently AE Fick (physician) and Edouard Kalt (parasitologist) optimized this lens for use in the human eye, although it could only be worn for a short period of time.

Disposable contact lenses were not developed until 1982

Single-use contact lenses became popular in 1995. They are especially recommended for people who wear contact lenses only occasionally.

Contact lenses can be worn at all ages

Logically, they are usually handled by those responsible for the children when they are young.

There are contact lenses for animals

Their use is similar to that of human contact lenses, but in the case of animals such as dogs, contact lenses can be worn continuously for days at a time. Some of these are therapeutic and are intended to treat injuries such as ulcers.

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