Ideal make-up for each pair of eyeglasses

Make-up tricks

The cross and delight of millions of women in the world, make-up becomes a problem when wearing eyeglasses, and although, according to experts, there is no such thing as ideal “eyeglass make-up”, it is also true that there are some tricks that will make our eyes look more fascinating and open.

Enlarge and illuminate are the watchwords in this case, as well as define and lighten: let’s see together some examples of make-up combined with different types of frames.

Makeup for black and square eyeglasses

Short-sighted people know that, due to an optical effect produced by the lens glass, their eyes tend to be smaller than they really are. This problem is easily overcome by using a pastel, pink or butter-colored pencil. The reason behind this choice is quickly stated: any dark color applied to the inner rim of the eye has the tendency to make it certainly sexier, but also smaller, while a light shade will give the illusion of an open gaze.

The square shape of the frame and the black color are well suited to a smooth and bright complexion, framing it with neat and defined eyebrows, combined with nude or colored eye shadows, from gray to navy blue.

Little trick: If you have sparse or particularly pale brows, try redefining them with a matte brown eye shadow or pencil. The wow effect is guaranteed!

Makeup for elongated colored glasses

For a frame like this, eyeliner is obviously superfluous (the cat-eye effect is already given by the shape of the frame), so go for butter-colored pencils, but always in a lighter tone than your complexion.

For this type of frame characterized by a strong and retro style, it is essential to emphasize the lips with a bright and shiny lipstick. Following this style refreshes and rejuvenates the entire face, moving further and further away from the cliché “glasses = nerd”.

Little trick: Eyeglasses tend to overshadow the eyes and further highlight vision imperfections like dark circles. It is crucial to include brightening products in your personal makeup set. The same goes for eye shadows: if you are not crazy about glitter and multi-color variants, you can always opt for a simple shimmer powder, to be applied all over the eyelid, whether it’s gold, silver, or champagne color.

Makeup suitable for round tortoiseshell glasses

Finally, a frame with which to dare! The round tortoiseshell glasses match perfectly with a bronze make-up, including caramel eyeshadows, coffee pencils and chocolate-colored eyeliners. As icing on the cake: curled and voluminous maxi lashes, defined by the effect of a dark mascara. On the lips, however, a matte lipstick or gloss strictly red, will complete the look.

Little trick: those who habitually wear a thin and rounded frame will notice that a very extended make – up will pop out from the lenses. Avoid the effect of “half in and half out”, it is essential for a make – up that fits into the frame.

Contact lenses on the plane: how to prepare your suitcase

In fact, all contact lens wearers know how important it is to carry everything they need to keep their eyes healthy, while keeping in mind their main enemies: air conditioning and a dry atmosphere.

A combination of unfavorable conditions that often occurs during air travel. In this situation, the first problem is the air conditioning in the cabin, which can irritate the eyes. In fact, pressurization and air conditioning cause dehydration and the most delicate parts of the body, including the eyes, can be more affected.

Therefore, the following items become indispensable in your hand luggage: a small bottle of eye drops or disposable vials of eye drops, a pair of replacement lenses, a single solution and a lens case.

Leave serene and prepare the perfect suitcase

Suitcase in hand, check this checklist to make sure you bring everything you need on the plane:

A medical prescription for the purchase of contact lenses. A good practice is to ask your ophthalmologist for a prescription: in many countries, in fact, it is compulsory for the purchase of a new pair of lenses and also for disposable ones. Ask your eye doctor to recommend a specific type of lens for travel: today there are various models on the market that ensure a better degree of hydration and comfort;

A travel size lens cleaning kit, not exceeding 100 ml. In this way you will respect the conditions of the major airlines regarding the transport of liquids and you will have less weight and bulk in your hand luggage. On the contrary, in the suitcase that you will take in the hold it is advisable to insert one or two larger bottles depending on the duration of your stay;

A pair of disposable contact lenses and a pair of eyeglasses. Disposable contact lenses are ideal for the plane and in general for the vacation because they do not require special care or attention. Add eyeglasses to your carry-on baggage and alternate them with lenses so as not to tire or irritate the eye too much;

Pack a sanitizing gel. Always remember to wash your hands before handling your lenses or touching your eyes and bring a sanitizing gel, useful for disinfecting your hands before wearing your lenses, not only on the plane.

Contact Lenses on the Plane: Yes or No?

Contact lenses undoubtedly provide greater comfort than glasses, but can they be worn for the duration of the flight?

First of all, it is necessary to make a consideration regarding the duration of the flight:

  • Airline flights of 3 to 4 hours. For short flights you can wear contact lenses in complete tranquility, taking care to keep your eyes hydrated with an eye drop.
  • Air flight longer than 5 hours. In this case it is not advisable to wear contact lenses for the entire duration of the flight and it is instead a good idea to alternate them with a pair of eyeglasses.

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