Polarized lenses: are they really that important?

Polarized Sunglasses

Whether we wear polarized lenses or not, our eyes work more or less like a camera

external light passes through its internal “lenses,” i.e., the cornea and the crystalline lens, and nests on the retina, which in turn translates that light into electrical impulses. Those impulses will then be transported by the optic nerve to the brain, where they will be reprocessed and interpreted.

Well, this seemingly normal process can sometimes be compromised by a whole host of factors. Ocular fatigue, but also interference, reflections and unnatural light can cause discomfort to the eye and hinder this process of reception and conversion of light. Among other things, if to all this we add eye diseases and contact with irritants such as water, snow, sand and dust, here is that our eyes find themselves having to live basically “a war” every day!

One of the cases that usually bothers all of us the most is the reflection of one or more objects on the windshield of the car: a reflection of this type, often ignored, actually creates a high visual stress that should be eliminated. If you find yourself having to drive for a long time in adverse light conditions, in fact, you must first create an environment that is as comfortable as possible not only for the driver himself, but also for his eyes!

Such a situation, for example, can be addressed with polarized lenses. This type of lens is in fact able to eliminate reflections and “bad” light of any kind, and give the user a perception of greater clarity.

By now, even with a simple video on the Internet, it is possible to realize how your eyesight changes radically when you use a polarized lens: everything around us becomes more “beautiful”, clearer, sharper and more colorful. And the effort we unconsciously made to look at people and objects disappears as if by magic!

How they work and what are the advantages?

Have you ever been outdoors and felt annoyed by reflections and the glare of light? Surely you have.

Natural light spreads in all directions of the three-dimensional environment: horizontally, vertically and along all the angles between these dimensions.

When the light in its movement encounters a reflective surface (such as asphalt, snow, water, sand or grass), undergoes a trend also called “polarization”, and then begins to move vertically and horizontally.

The vertical light provides the eyeball with a set of useful information, allowing the vision of colors and contrasts, while the horizontal light instead creates a kind of nuisance, the so-called reflection, which obscures the entire field of view producing a reduction in visibility, distorting colors and fatiguing the eyes.

In summary: due to a strong brightness you create the reflection, that annoying halo clear and blinding that we all know.

How do polarized lenses work?

Fortunately, polarized lenses come to our aid: an optical instrument that, thanks to its conformation, considerably reduces or even eliminates reflected light, the main cause of glare. Thanks to this type of lens, there is a better perception of contrasts, greater sharpness in the distance, more natural and saturated colors, as well as total protection from UV rays.

Advantages of polarized lenses

There are considerable advantages for those who wear polarized lenses in prescription glasses and sunglasses:

  • Reduced glare
  • Sharp vision
  • Excellent perception of contrast and colors
  • Thanks to the polarizing filter in the lenses, only the light rays that help clear vision reach the eye and improve the perception of different colors, without obtaining the undesired blurred or foggy effect
  • Total UV protection
  • The sun’s rays can be very harmful, not only to the skin, but also to the eyes, if the right protection is not used.
  • Less eye fatigue
  • Polarized lenses block glare and glare and, thanks to the exceptional optical quality, ensure a clear and relaxed vision. Above all, a better visual well-being is assured, as the eyes tend not to strain and fatigue

These advantages guarantee enormous benefits in terms of comfort and visual well-being. Keep this in mind when you select your next sunglasses.

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