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Glasses and Sport: the best glasses for those who practice cycling

If you love outdoor sports and cycling in particular, you will surely have noticed that, during your training or a simple walk, your eyes are continuously stressed by a series of external factors such as the sun, fine dust, insects and much more.

All of this could compromise cycling to the point of not making it any more rewarding and enjoyable; your eyes, moreover, could suffer major discomfort.

The importance of glasses for those who love bikes

Wearing the right pair of glasses when cycling is the ideal solution to preserve the health of your eyes and to make cycling pleasant and healthy. This habit should also be adopted by those who use the bicycle for a simple walk especially in the summer when the aggressive agents and dust in the air are greater than in winter.

If you are a real cyclist you should know that, while cycling, your eyes tend to half-close as if your organism would put itself on alarm creating a sort of protection for the eyeball.

Choosing contact lenses instead of glasses if you have vision problems is never a good idea as dust particles could get under the lenses and create unpleasant irritation.

The functions of the glasses for those who practice cycling

The glasses for those who practice cycling perform several functions including:

  • Protection against external agents such as dirt particles, small foreign bodies, dust particles, insects and midges, fine dust and smog.
  • Protection against atmospheric aggression such as wind, rain and sun.
  • Protection of the eyes from allergenic agents such as pollen that, especially during the summer, can lead to redness and inflammation.
  • Protection of eyesight and decrease the risk of the appearance of annoying headaches related to the effort made by the eyes that must be ready to view the road and the various obstacles in the path.

Characteristics of glasses for cyclists

If you practice cycling at an amateur level could be sufficient good quality glasses that suit your needs, which must however be equipped with some basic features:

  • Dark polarized lenses: The lenses of cycling glasses must be polarized and possibly dark since this sport is practiced during the day when the light is particularly intense and phenomena such as glare and reflections can occur. The lens, in addition to being dark, must be of high quality, to preserve the health of your eyes, so be careful to choose those tested and certified according to the regulations of the European community.
  • Light frame: The frame must wrap around the upper part of the face in a total and complete way in order to prevent the agents described above from affecting the quality of your ride. There is no such thing as a better shape than another because it must be chosen on the basis of the physiognomy and shape of your face, taking care to choose one that is wrapping. The material of the frame, moreover, must be light, generally a resistant plastic is chosen.
  • Lenses treated with special water-repellent protections: The perfect lens if you practice cycling, finally, must have been treated with specific water-repellent products that ensure proper visibility even when cycling in the rain. Therefore, make sure that the lenses of your glasses have been treated with Clean Coat and Lotus Effect, which allow a quick cleaning of the lens in every occasion.

In addition to this, it could be very useful to buy glasses equipped with lenses with an anti-fog coating that allows you to minimize the condensation and humidity caused by sweating while cycling.

  • Resistance of the frame and lenses: Both the frame and the lenses must be strong and resistant. The plastic frame could be reinforced with a light metal alloy; choose this type if you practice cycling at a professional level because these glasses are more expensive and heavier. The lenses must be unbreakable because, while cycling, accidents could occur and, if you fall from the bike, it is good that your glasses do not break and do not damage your eyesight.

In addition to the essential features that sunglasses must have for those who practice cycling, there may be others that improve your cycling experience.

Many manufacturers of sunglasses make frames with interchangeable lenses that adapt to different light conditions that occur with the passing of the hours, darkening automatically as needed.

Lenses of this type are called photochromic and are an excellent solution for those who do not want to change lenses continuously.

Other models, on the other hand, can be equipped with interchangeable and even ventilated lenses as well as rubber parts to make fit better, more comfortable and guarantee the position of the glasses in every situation, even when sweat could make the frame slip.

The design of sunglasses for cyclists

If you are looking for sunglasses to ride in total relaxation, you should know that most of these are unisex even if it is possible to find models with a narrow design and specific fit for women’s faces.

Since most types of cycling glasses have one size fits all, it is always advisable to wear the various models to find the one that best suits your features and your face shape.

As for the coloring you can buy glasses with lenses of different shades depending on personal taste but also on the need.

Black lenses are preferable if you cycle in the hottest hours of the day when the sun is strong and the light is intense, while it is better to prefer yellow when you want to cycle in low light conditions because this shade increases the contrast and allows you to better see the road and the various obstacles.

Finally, opt for transparent lenses if you ride in the evening or even at night.

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