Sunglasses for a discreet man

poker game

The team at Niznikova sunglasses has been noticing for some time now that girls ask us for more daring glasses that make them feel special, a little bit different and of course favored. However, boys want, in this order:

Comfort. They are looking for light glasses, but with a certain “consistency”.

Trendy but discreet.

With good UVA/UVB protection and preferably dark.

The truth is that almost all models manufactured today are very comfortable, most are made of injected plastic material, which is lighter than traditional acetate and of course all our solar products have 100% UVA/UVB protection filter, even some models, especially sports models have blue light filter over 400nm, which generates, among other things, visual fatigue.

I am going to review my favorite glasses for men, today I am going to talk about the plastic ones, in the next article I will talk about the metallic ones (it is also true that I like them less).

At number 1 is this model of Tom Ford FT0291 in the style of the Persol of the 70-80s, made of acetate, very stylish, although I recognize that perhaps it is either the most daring or the most classic, it depends on the point of view of the observer.

Poker, friends and sunglasses

If there are two things that have a lot in common, it could be sunglasses and poker. Let’s up the ante a bit: What could be better than relaxing and having a nice time with your stylish sunglasses and your friends in an outdoor terrace to enjoy a summer afternoon. I don’t think it’s a bad plan at all.

Here is a simple explanation of the winning poker moves. Shall we watch and play?


Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but always with your friends and your sunglasses. I assure you it’s no bluff. You’ll have fun and test your strategy… and your luck.

I simply say that I recommend an afternoon with your friends, a few laughs, cards, chips, bets and our sunglasses. You can be lucky or not, but with your sunglasses you will surely see everything better. Here in Niznikova sunglasses you will find the models of sunglasses that you want.

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