Sunglasses for dogs: protective and prescription glasses


Sunglasses for your dog, they are a tool that, depending on the case, can be both an accessory related to simple fashion and vanity

For those who love fashion and the trends of the moment and want to make their dog in step with the times, there are beautiful sunglasses for dogs on the market. They come in the most varied colors and sizes most suitable for our animal friends, depending on breeds and sizes.

Sunglasses for dogs, however, are not only a fashionable accessory: they protect your dog from the disturbances caused by the intense rays of the sun or, in case of use on the beach, from possible irritations following contact with the sand.

On the market there are color sunglasses designed exclusively for dogs, often made of rubber, to withstand all possible stresses to which our furry friends can expose them, adjustable, waterproof, with 100% guaranteed protection against UV rays, anti-fog, unbreakable and with a wide nose bridge.

You can find them easily in all stores specializing in the sale of accessories designed for our faithful four-legs friends and also online.

Protective glasses

This type of dog goggles is suitable for those animals that perform sports activities. They are very similar to our sea goggles and serve to protect their eyes from sun, wind, insects, dust or branches.

In this way your dog will have the field of vision free without the risk of irritation or contracting eye infections. They are made of polycarbonate and equipped with an elastic strap that allows you to keep the glasses on your dog’s head in a stable and secure but also comfortable way.

They are recommended in cases of exposure to extreme weather conditions, or for long periods (walking or working in the snow, staying on the beach with strong winds, working with means of transport such as helicopters, etc.).

They are also often recommended to protect your dog’s eye after eye surgery to ensure a better recovery.

Dog eyeglasses

Just like us, our friends can also suffer from vision problems. This problem increasingly affects not only older dogs but also younger species. Thanks to a recent innovative system contact lenses and corrective eyeglasses will be available.

It came to the large-scale production of prescription glasses for dogs as a result of increasingly frequent problems with our dear friends such as excessive tearing of the eyes, the difficult opening of the eyelids and redness conjunctivas symptoms not to be underestimated in order not to incur in a degeneration of symptoms.

In any case it is always advisable to remember to submit your dogs to periodic eye examinations.

It is important, however, to always ask for the opinion of your veterinarian and of an expert in ophthalmology, avoiding do-it-yourself.

Can my dog need glasses?

The answer is yes. Dogs may need glasses, for many reasons and to limit the onset of various symptoms, indicative of several problems.

Among the most frequent symptoms of ocular suffering in dogs we find:

  • excessive or insufficient lacrimation;
  • insufficient opening of the eyelids;
  • opaque ocular surface;
  • conjunctivitis.

It is from these symptoms, although mild, that we must assume a veterinary eye examination to protect and preserve the eyesight of our four-legs friend, preventing what are the most important ophthalmology diseases.

In addition to the above-mentioned physical symptoms, which are easily recognizable, there are symptoms to which we must pay more attention, since the dog is not able to tell us about a possible decrease in vision, nor can we make a measurement of diopters as it happens for humans.

Therefore, we immediately take our pet to the vet when we see that he presents:

  • difficulty moving around the house;
  • reluctance to get off beds and couches;
  • difficulty locating objects such as food or toys;
  • tendency to bump into furniture and furnishings in the house;
  • increased level of anxiety and tension, which can also result in aggressive attitudes.

If the dog presents one or more of these symptoms then he needs glasses, which will help him to have a better perception and visual experience, sufficient to allow him a good quality of life.

Thanks to the use of protective eye-wear, the dog will not run the risk of irritation and / or eye infections.

They provide protection from:

  • sun;
  • wind;
  • insects;
  • dust;
  • branches.

A very wide safety device to make the life of your dog more simple and less risky for the health of your friend.

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