Sunglasses Price? Sometimes is a Luxury Gadget

Sunglasses Price Luxury Brand

Sunglasses have always been a cult object, faithful companions of a thousand adventures

They protect our eyes from the sun’s rays and make us feel safe behind a protective barrier that is always ready to shield our gaze. Sunglasses price are often an ideal way to define a style and present oneself to others with originality, especially if they are very expensive.

An evolution of shapes, styles and materials

The first to understand that it was necessary to protect the eyes from the glare of sunlight were the Inuit, who used walrus tusks on which were inlaid fine slits in which to gaze. In more recent times, at the dawn of the twentieth century, movie stars have begun to impose style diktats by wearing increasingly strange and original models of beautiful glasses in their films.

The evolution of sunglasses has involved shapes, styles but above all materials: more and more precious.

There are now expensive sunglasses that – naturally in limited numbers – are made of gold or adorned with diamonds. For some, this accessory is therefore an absolute icon of wealth and opulence: many models, especially those of stars and international showbiz, are real jewels.

Precious sunglasses are not for everyone and this is the very mantra that drives the luxury market. Expensive eye-wear is identifiable and sparkling, always ready to remind you of what they’re worth and the painstaking craftsmanship behind them.

Would you like a practical example?

Ron Lando’s glasses made of 18-carat gold cost over 600.000 $, also – and above all – because 50 hours of work were needed to make each of glass.

The path of luxury sunglasses

Expensive sunglasses is a must for the big fashion houses, from Dolce&Gabbana to Chopard via Cartier and many more like Armani or Aflelou. However, it must be said, there are some models to buy that would require the equivalent of a mortgage for a nice house with a garden, if you want to get your hand on them.

The most expensive of all are the sunglasses made by the luxury brand Chopard. There is a model for which you need about 350.000 $, made using 60 grams of 24-carat gold. We are talking about unbridled luxury, since, moreover, these are glasses with diamonds: 51 were used.

On the second step of this very precious podium, we then find a model by fashion designers Dolce&Gabbana, which cost something like 300.000 $. Here the frame – ‘encrypted’ by the iconic D&G brand in diamonds – is made of pure gold, which surrounds smoked lenses.

The high sunglasses price model on the third range of luxury is a pair of Shiels Jewellers Emerald costing 165.000 $. It is said that Nero watched gladiators in the arena through an emerald to escape the sun’s rays. This model celebrates him and in it there are – in addition to a gold and diamond frame – emerald lenses. A short distance in price from this model are the Cartier Panthère glasses (costing about 130.000 $), made entirely of 18-carat white gold.

The gem?

There are sapphires and diamonds sprinkled throughout.

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