Sustainable Sunglasses

Sustainable Sunglasses

Environmental respect and sustainable sunglasses is becoming the absolute mantra of the new millennium

The diktat of environmental respect aims to become the absolute mantra of this new millennium. The damage caused by the senseless exploitation of the planet’s resources that put natural ecosystems in crisis have sounded more than one alarm bell.

The urgency to intervene to reverse the trend has become greater every day.

This is the reason there is a constant searching for new materials with low environmental impact: the goal is to create ethical products, following creative paths guided by the need for sustainable living.

Our area of eye-wear is part of this trend, traced at a global level: there are models of sustainable glasses made of aluminum, bamboo and oak wood, but also by recycling plastics recovered from the sea.

The reflection that opens up is profound and points towards the problem of waste: too many things that surround us are still made with polluting materials (and you know it), which is why choosing sustainable eye-wear brands is a good practice.

Every time, there is an opportunity to choose to protect your eyes with glasses that have a low impact on the environment.

Specialty brands, which are the bearers of an ethical message, are dedicated to the creation of smart products and are increasingly rooted in the world. It will be useful to point out that the most experienced companies in this continually growing sector are located in North America.

The best known?

They are Woodwear and Dizm Eye-wear: the first makes glasses in bamboo, a perfect material for resisting humidity, while the other relies on a vegetable (and biodegradable) base for all its creations.

Why is right to choose products that respect the environment?

The decision to embrace respect for the environment has become a cultural issue, closely linked to civil living.

The Orlando Rey brand has understood this well, focusing on special rules of sustainability applied to production and logistics: the company eliminates the various intermediate steps (and related costs) by designing, producing and shipping its creations online (only sunglasses) with savings in terms of pollution and CO2 emissions.

Green glasses wink at waste materials, offering them a second life. This is the case of the plastics recovered from the sea, transformed into fashionable models (both sunglasses and eyeglasses) by the company Sea2See: the goal of cleaning the sea is ambitious, but everyone can do their part. The animal species that live in contact with the sea and populate the oceans thank you.

Aluminum and old car tires can also come back to life, thanks to the techniques developed by Parafina. For its sunglasses and eyeglasses, Parafina also relies on bamboo cultivated on a zero-kilometer basis and other natural products.

Proof eye-wear, based in Idaho, is instead dedicated to the creation of models in ebony and pear wood: the company can also exploit some old skateboards to make the frames of its creations.

In Europe, the brand Waiting for the sun is also doing something interesting: it aims at high quality at affordable prices, choosing oak wood and bamboo as raw materials.

The act of wearing a pair of beautiful sustainable sunglasses is becoming more and more like a spiritual exercise.

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