Tricks to conceal bags and dark circles under the eyes

eyes bag


Applying cucumber slices to the eyes is a widespread myth. It is true that it helps to decongest the bags, but we must take into account that it is a momentary effect.

It is advisable to sleep with the head higher than the body, in this way, we will wake up looking better and with less puffy eyes.
A light dinner based on vegetables and with little salt also helps to reduce fluid retention and, therefore, to have a better appearance in the morning.

Washing your face with very cold water in the morning helps to reduce puffiness.
And of course, using Derm Eyes Decongestive Gel in your daily care routine stimulates circulation thanks to its active ingredients such as calendula, tilus or ruscus and visibly reduces puffiness and signs of fatigue.


A deep and restful sleep is reflected in our appearance, in particular, in dark circles under the eyes. For this reason, it is one of the most effective solutions to reduce them.

Applying the Lifting effect Luminosity by Derm Eyes is another very good help. In addition to the fact that it includes SP15 sun protection factor, it removes dead cells, moisturizes the area and preserves its elasticity. Thanks to its pigments (mica), it corrects the tone of under-eye circles, giving them extra luminosity.

Are glasses a sexy accessory?

As I have already said on several occasions, it is best to choose the glasses according to our features and skin tone (you can see it here), however, it is also important to consider other aspects such as fashion, the image we want to convey and of course, be attractive.

This reflection comes to mind because this season I am using a Tom Ford “cat eye” model that has been very successful among my friends and my customers in the physical store, however my friends think it is a “midwife glasses, governess, old secretary, …”. And with the intention of vindicating this style I will put some examples of women with “cat eye” glasses that I think are very sexy:

This one in particular is Tom Ford’s advertising image for the sunglasses that I currently wear… of course, there is also the thing about the look that one has and the accessories that we add, but continuing with my claim, does anyone dare to say that Marilyn is not a sexy woman?

Are guys with glasses more attractive?

What is clear is that horn-rimmed glasses are ideal for a guy to be attractive, but square? rounded? smaller rectangular? or are you one of those who prefer them without glasses?

I’ve done some browsing and I propose you guys who became famous for their glasses… Johny Deep, Jon Kortajarena being the image of Tom Ford, Michel Hazanavicius, James Dean and some other models. As in the case of girls to be “sexy” there must be a base but, these guys are better with glasses? which one is your favorite?

The sexiest glasses

Finally we have all opined on which are the ones that make the opposite sex more attractive but, on this occasion, I will say that they are more accurate about our tastes because…

For girls, these are the glasses that make us feel the sexiest and make our guy feel the sexiest:

We love the “cateye” with thin temples and the boys… we like “gafapasta” (black, square, thin).

And for them, these are the ones they look most attractive in and the ones they look best on us:

Clearly… they know what we like (although sometimes they hide it well) and for us they have chosen dark glasses with a slightly masculine cut and preferably with a touch of color.

Do you agree?

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