Why it is better to avoid cheap glasses?

cheap glasses

It may be that you have also thought about buying a pair of those cheap glasses that you find on certain websites or at newsstands. In the end, why spend so much money on glasses prescribed by a doctor when I can spend a few pennies on glasses that are virtually identical. The fact is that the rule that when something is too good to be true, it’s usually not true also applies to optics. And cheap, too-cheap glasses can also be harmful, when not simply useless.

Here are 5 reasons why it is best to avoid buying complimentary frames with magazines:

If you don’t pay for it in cash, you pay for it in other ways

The first thing to ask yourself when you come across a pair of cheap glasses is “What did they cut out to get the price so low?”. Typically, online retailers explain that they don’t have the same expenses as a physical store, but in reality, the reasons for such a low price are to be found in the lack of personalized attention from an experienced and qualified optician who can recommend the right frame and lenses for your needs.

The same slogans of quality at low cost are lies

How can certain types of retailers determine quality? There are many different materials for both lenses and frames, some stronger, more durable and comfortable, others less so. Two frames may look identical, but over time the quality comes out and you risk spending a few euros, yes, but on eyewear that will last a few weeks.

A saleswoman to help you choose is everything

Typically, very cheap online eyewear retailers have endless catalogs. This may seem like an advantage, but sometimes too much choice is confusing. Much better to have a saleswoman who will create a selection especially for you based on your features and your tastes and who will tell you if actually a pair once worn looks good on you.

Cheap glasses can do more harm than good

There are cheap sunglasses that are virtually identical to quality sunglasses and seem to protect you from the sun in the same way. In reality, sunglasses lenses should protect your eyes from UV rays and that does not happen with cheap glasses that allow UV to penetrate the lenses and hit your eyes. It’s best to rely on an experienced optician to recommend the best lenses for your eyes.

The same goes for reading glasses with graduated lenses. We ordinary people do not have the expertise to choose the exact gradation that an ophthalmologist would have after a thorough examination.

Finally, again regarding the damage that poor glasses can do, it is good to remember that they can cause skin irritation. There are some metal frames that contain nickel and in case of allergy can be dangerous.

You have no guarantees

Quality glasses are always sold with a warranty from the manufacturer. In case of a problem you can contact the person who made your glasses and you will receive assistance. Who do you turn to if after a few days your glasses give you vision problems or get damaged, if you bought them on some unknown online site or at a newsstand?

And even more because the optic shops can not make enough money and they like to sell expensive glasses manufacturer in China at a very cheap price while they sell them like the best quality possible to justify an excessive price.

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