Famous Glasses: Harry Potter

harry potter

The figure of Harry Potter, an ordinary boy who discovers that he has magical powers, has entered the common imagination. The main reason for his enormous success lies in his apparent normality: anyone can identify with him and live one of his fantastic adventures.

One of the elements that characterizes the “normal” aspect of the character is the pair of glasses, black and round, which he wears practically all the time: a truly unusual accessory for the protagonist and hero of a children’s saga.

From Harry Potter to the world

With the great popularity achieved by the Harry Potter series of books and movies, it is not so surprising that even its iconic glasses are literally depopulated around the world, among the millions and millions of fans scattered around the globe.

The great thing about Harry Potter mania is that it has conquered everyone from a long time, young and old alike. This also concerns the glasses that, therefore, can be worn indiscriminately by both adults and children.

Up until a few years ago, this type of glasses, with their small, round frames, were considered absolutely unfashionable and “geeky”. Now, however, they have become a cool accessory that gives the wearer an intelligent and brilliant look. A change of direction that may very well be part of one of the trends that has been in vogue lately in the field of fashion, that of geek-chic.

Sunglasses? Round is the new trend!

Directly from the 70s, round sunglasses are back. A must of yesterday that in the hot season of 2021 seems destined to relive the glories of the past, imposing itself once again in front of everyone’s eyes. A demonstration of how certain accessories, despite the passage of time, have no age.

Vintage sunglasses or a product still able to surprise? From the many celebrities who have been wearing them for a while now, letting themselves be immortalized on various social networks, and from the important fashion houses that have decided to re-propose them, albeit with a touch of innovation, the answer seems to be exactly in the middle ground. In fact, sunglasses with a rounded shape seem to be the most discussed and, probably, most chosen and worn model of this spring-summer 2021.

A model that in the seventies was the master, thanks to icons such as John Lennon, who made his rounded glasses (both prescription and sunglasses) a real trademark, greatly influencing the fashion of those years.

Today, round sunglasses are a favorite of stars such as Lady Gaga, Beyoncè, Rihanna, Jessica Alba and many others. What not everyone knows, however, is that it was precisely this type of glasses that paved the way for the fashion that later gave birth to the most famous models. A legacy that helps us understand how being on the podium, for round lenses, has always been a natural thing.

Oversized round glasses

This year, large frames will be all the rage and round sunglasses will also be infected, going from minimal to bolder. It will be virtually impossible not to notice them.

There is also a typology that includes models and colors that, in one way or another, are destined to never go out of fashion. Among these we remember, the tortoiseshell or marbled. A way to combine vintage, classic and fashionable!

Be careful, though. Because round lenses do not suit everyone. Before launching into the purchase of sunglasses of 2021, therefore, do the appropriate tests both in terms of size and color that will have to adapt well to your complexion.

Style advice

Round-framed glasses, therefore, have become fashionable. Clearly, this does not mean that it is good for everyone. As with any accessory, there are pros and cons for this one, people for whom it is more suitable and others for whom it is less so.

First of all, we tell you that in general round glasses do not look good on very round faces.

On the other hand, they are very suitable for those with a square face and marked features, because they contrast the hardness of the shapes and soften the angularity of the corners.

The same goes for oval faces, which – after all – are suitable for practically any type of frame.

One last piece of advice, which applies to everyone: eyeglass frames should never be wider than the widest part of the wearer’s face, otherwise you risk creating a bad effect.

Why to choose round glasses?

Few other accessories are able to give such a distinctive and elegant touch to the appearance of the wearer, without forgetting that touch of intelligence and sagacity that never tastes good.

So, if you are smart and brilliant people, you love to be fashionable, but at the same time you do not want to give up your more intellectual side, Harry Potter round glasses are definitely for you!

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