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We have already explained how to choose the glasses that best suit your face shape. This time we explain how to choose the color of the frame according to the color of your eyes.

As we have already explained, breaking with the trend of the face and looking for contrast is a way to balance the features and in most cases it is the most flattering option. The same goes for color. If the natural harmony of the eyes is warm (browns, honey…) the ideal will be to contrast with a frame in cold colors (blues, greens…) and vice versa.

Of course, you can play with two-tone frames (light on the inside and dark on the outside to frame the look but at the same time illuminate it) or with gradient frames that can bring softness to the most angular faces (be careful with the darkest area of the gradient because if it is in the upper part of the frame it can reinforce an authoritarian look.

Having said all this, let’s see which color suits you best according to the natural harmony of your eyes:

Blue eyes

If you don’t want to risk a too strident contrast, go for frames in gray and violet tones. They will highlight the clarity of your eyes, making them even brighter. However, if you are going for a more daring look, you have to leave harmonious combinations aside and go for complementary colors. Take a risk with frames in red or black tones and your eyes will not go unnoticed.

Green Eyes

You can wear more or less the same colors as blue eyes. Violets and pinks will give you the contrast you need to make your eyes shine more than ever.

Light brown / honey eyes

This color will give depth to your look, but if you find it too serious, try vibrant green frames. If you are more into harmonious combinations, you can try brown, havana or orange frames.

Dark brown eyes

These colors will bring sweetness to your eyes. However, you should not overlook black if you are looking for a very intense look.

It is clear that there are different colors for every taste and that you should always choose what you feel most comfortable with, but we hope this post will help you decide if you were hesitating about what color to choose for your next pair of glasses.

The Cat Eye Never Goes Out Of Style

Some people might consider them old-fashioned, but the truth is that Cat Eye glasses are not only not out of fashion, but they are the essential accessory for lovers of the charming pin-up style of the 50s, reinvented today under the name of vintage or retro fashion and adopted by celebrities such as Dita Von Teese, Taylor Swift or Katy Perry. However, it should be noted that the first icon of this sophisticated style was Marilyn Monroe, who managed to give them a naive yet elegant touch.

Cat Eye glasses are those that imitate the slanted shape of a cat’s eye. The corners of the frames point upwards in the shape of a beak, in most cases giving a very elegant feline look to the face and helping to conceal small imperfections such as crow’s feet or expression marks around the eyes.

It is a fundamentally feminine style of eyewear. It can be found in both sunglasses and prescription glasses and almost all brands have some Cat Eye model. With them we can get from the most sophisticated look to the most romantic.

To tell the truth, not everyone dares to wear the Cat Eye style even though it suits most women.

Are you one of those who still can’t make up your mind, not sure if this style suits you? There is a very simple trick to find out if Cat Eye glasses look good on you and that is by looking at the shape of your face.

If you have a triangle-shaped face (with a forehead narrower than your jaw) these glasses are simply ideal for you as they will harmonize your features. They will also suit you very well if your face is round as they will break the predominance of curves and help to stylize it.

Finally, if you are a true fan of the pin up style, do not forget to combine your Cat Eye glasses with a black liquid eyeliner and perfectly defined eyebrows. Pair all this with red lips and you’ve got the look!

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