How to Know Which Eyeglasses Fit Me

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This Post Explains Everything You Need To Know To Choose The Perfect Eyewear Size For You

You have probably noticed that on the inside of the temples of your glasses (or on the inside of the bridge in some cases) there are small numbers. Have you ever wondered what they mean? Pay attention to them because they are very useful! We are going to explain their meaning.

Let’s take as an example the inside of the temple of some sunglasses. From left to right, the letters RB are the brand code, the numbers below indicate the model code (5154), then the color code (2012). The following numbers indicate the model size in this order: caliber (49), bridge (21) and temple (140). But what does this mean exactly?

Caliper size refers to the width of the lens measured from the bridge. It is expressed in millimeters. Glasses of the same gauge are usually about the same size, so a trick when you go to buy new glasses is to check the gauge of your old ones to see what size fits you.

The bridge is the part that joins both lenses over the nose. The number indicated on the temple expresses the width of the bridge in millimeters, therefore, it indicates the separation of the lenses. There are several types of bridges (straight, horseshoe, narrower or wider…). Glasses with similar bridges usually fit about the same.

The size of the temple indicates the overall length of the temple. It should be long enough to rest comfortably over the ears.

With all this in mind, there are a number of things you can look for when trying on glasses that will help you choose the best model for you:

  • The size of the frame should be proportional to the size of your face.
  • The bridge should not fall on the nose, but should rest in the correct position.
  • The lower edge of the frame should not rest on the cheek, otherwise it will end up being uncomfortable.
  • It is preferable that the upper edge of the frame does not cover the eyebrows.

But, you are buying glasses online and you can not try them on? Do not worry, there is a simple trick to help you get an idea of whether the glasses you see on the screen will look good or too big or too small on your face.

Take a standard size card such as your ID card or a credit card. Stand in front of a mirror and place the card vertically so that one of the edges matches the center line of your nose. Now, if the other edge ends where your eye ends, a standard eyeglass size will fit you. If the rim ends beyond the corner of your eye, then you’re better off with a small pair of glasses. If, on the other hand, the edge of the card doesn’t reach the end of your eye, then you are better off with a large pair of glasses.

7 Reasons To Wear Sunglasses And Not Harm Your Eyes

It is true. Sunglasses have become a key fashion accessory. And that’s good, because they allow us to give a touch to our style and play with thousands of different models.

But far from frivolizing them, we must keep in mind that they are much more than that. Unlike the other elements of our outfit, sunglasses are essential from the point of view of health. And especially in summer.

Of course, not just any sunglasses will do. It is important that they are approved glasses.

This fact has alarmingly increased the cases of cataracts and other anomalies related to our eye and visual health, which can cause serious problems in the long term.

In fact, according to our Visual-Click optician Francis Pinto, “it has been proven that using unapproved sunglasses (without a filter) is worse than wearing nothing at all, since they eliminate part of the visible light (causing the pupil to dilate) but do not eliminate UV radiation (allowing it to pass through to our retina more freely)”.

So be very “careful” with what we buy anywhere. Sunglasses, always in a specialized optician’s, either on the Internet or in store. This is the only way you will have the guarantee of acquiring a quality product.

And now, the most important reasons to use sunglasses in an image:

Ultraviolet Protection
The sun emits certain radiation that is harmful to us, including UV rays. Without adequate protection against them, they can cause numerous alterations in our eyes.

Excessive brightness often forces us to “strain” our eyes or our gestures, something that is greatly improved if we wear sunglasses. In addition, we will move from brightness to shade in a much more comfortable and gradual way.

In tasks that require our full visual attention, such as driving, the use of sunglasses increases safety by improving our vision and concentration and reducing reflections and sudden changes in light.

Sunglasses are a simple but very effective barrier against external agents that sensitize or damage our eyes: pollen, dust, pollution, cold, wind… a real safety screen.

Solar radiation is not only harmful to our eyes. It also damages the skin around them, which is also the most delicate skin on the face. The filter of our glasses can also become our best anti-aging beauty secret.

Tumors of the eyelids and skin around the eyes are more common than we think. And good sun protection is the best prevention.

Dry eyes
Wearing sunglasses has been proven to protect against annoying dry eyes, largely caused by air and wind or exposure to glare. Factors that good glasses are able to curb.

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